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SMARTBoard Lessons


Many sound samples and videos are playable by clicking on the title or picture

** = Lesson Require Special Fonts (click here to download)



  • 2468 - 1/2 sounds to a beat lesson using poem:
  • In the Meadow - pictures/lyrics for song "In the Meadow" from Share the Music - 1
  • Rollercoaster - Share the Music - 1 (high/low)
  • Share the Music 1st Grade Big Book - Big Book pages for SMARTBoard
  • Engine, Engine Number 9 - put sol/mi on the staff with this popular tune
  • Peter & the Wolf - match the theme with the character, game, pictures for storybook
  • Carnival of the Animals - picture to go along with the listening of the piece. 
  • Sol-Mi Songs & Activities -  A lesson with a bunch of sol-mi, introduction to staff and putting solfege on the staff, etc songs.  Songs include:  Rain Rain Go Away, Blank staff with infinite cloner solfege notes, Hush Little Minnie, Introduction to the Staff (with infinite cloner note), Tinker Tailor.
  • Long & Short Sounds - This is a simple introductory activity for K or 1 on Long & Short sounds.  You have the students sort the different sounds into 2 categories: Long Sounds and Short Sounds.   
  • High & Low  - This is an introductory activity for K or 1 for the concept of High and Low.  First page, students sort pictures of things that we might find up high and that we might find down low; then graphics for: Gingerbread Man song (Musicplay K); Autumn Leaves (Musicplay K); Star Light, Star Bright (Share the Music-K).
  • I am a Pizza- Graphics and lyrics for the song "I Am a Pizza" (Musicplay K)
  • Snail Snail - Lyrics/beat graphics to go with the song/game "Snail Snail"
    (Musicplay 1)
  • Sight Reading Examples - Sol, Mi, La Sight Reading Examples 
  • High Low Game - Play a musical selection and students put leaves on tree (top if high, bottom if low) and song "Icicles" (Musicplay 1) 
  • Months of the Year - Songs for each month of the year broken down into 3 stages: words/beat, words/rhythmic notation, words/3 line staff. 
  • Pumpkin Stew - Pictures and Lyrics for "Pumpkin Stew" from MusicPlay Kindergarten 



  • Staff Activities - Move Do, Mi, Sol around on the staff
  • Skip To My Lou - Melody on staff with questions about line/space notes and decoding solfege
  • Icka Backa - Chant for the Mallet Madness Lesson 
  • I Have a Car - Sections of verse and chorus broken up to work on solfege decoding/sight reading 
  • 2nd Grade Circus Songs - "Did You Ever See a Clown" Orff Arrangement (simple, just chord progression) and sight reading for "Circus Bear, Circus Bear" 
  • Pictures at an Exhibition - Pictures, Questions, and Audio to go along with study of this piece. 





  • I Wish - Write a melody for the poem "I Wish" (Share the Music - 4), then put it on the board and play it back by tapping notes to a steady beat
  • "Sorcerer's Apprentice" - Powerpoint listening map for Dukas' "The Sorcerer's         Apprentice"
  • Sorcerer's Apprentice Matching/Listening Activity - Match scenes from the story with musical examples. 
  • Holst's "The Planets" - Interactive lesson on "The Planets"
  • All About Melodies (3 separate files/lessons in a zip file) :
    Lesson 1 - Melodic Direction: includes the song Whoopee Cushion, have students create their own dance moves that show the melodic direction. Have students "paint the melody"
    Lesson 2 - Step, Skip, Leap and Octave
    Lesson 3 - Draw Melodies 
  • Fill a Measure - fill measures of different time signatures/meters
  • 6-8 Time - ** A lesson 6/8 using the piece: "Over the Hills and Far Away" ~ Grainger.  Uses Rhythms font.
  • 16th Notes - A lesson teaching 16th note rhythms
  • The Blues- Students listen an example of the blues, "St. Louis Blues," then talk about the 12 bar form, and how to write their own blues lyrics (updated 2011.)


  • D.R.U.M. songs -** Songs from "Hands On" and "D.R.U.M.".  Uses MusiSync font & Rhythms font.
  • A 3 Lesson Unit on Form:  Lesson 1: Round/Canon/Fugue; Lesson 2: AB, ABA, Rondo; Lesson 3: Theme & Variation.  All sound and movie samples are included.  For the "Pachabel's Canon" example you will need Finale 2008 (or notepad) and it works best if played in scroll mode.  All sound samples can be played by clicking on the titles (and the diamonds on the guess that form page).  Mystery form is Theme & Variations and examples 2-9 are all variations of example 1.
  • Lesson on Digital Remixing/Copyright/Fair Use
  • The Cup Game - A lesson on the history of the cup game and the song "When I'm Gone."  Includes embedded audio/video files and notation. 
  • Major/Minor - 5th grade lesson on major and minor.  Includes scales, few listening examples, and a game (click on the example then have students drag to appropriate category in game....)
  • Limerick Lesson - Learn all about limericks then play a limerick in a drum circle 





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